10 Useful Apps For Writers

10 Useful Apps for Writers
10 Useful Apps for Writers

10 Useful Apps For Writers

10 Useful Apps for Writers? You never know when you will need to paraphrase a paragraph. These days, someone has already written most everything about everything. When you’re doing your research, you will depend on these secondary research for non-fiction.

But you don’t want to use their words!. You need to avoid plagiarism at all costs.

The following free apps for content creators — fiction writers and journalists — are always fun, and sometimes very useful and best of all, they are free. So what’s not to like?

Give them a try? As they’re free, why not play about with them? You might come to rely on these apps, and find yourself using them regularly



I use the free apps above and I find them useful, but I also pay for some apps that I can’t live without.

I have the paid version of ProWriting Aid, and honestly, I find it better than Grammarly — even though it seems that Grammarly has taken over the world.

I tend to plot in Plottr to get the basic beats and structure. I then go in depth with Scrivener, particularly if it’s a complex piece with multiple points of view and characters in different places. It helps me not put someone somewhere they couldn’t physically get to in the time. Readers notice that.

Then when it’s all done and dusted, I produce beautiful books thanks to Vellum.

Vellum was such a game-changer. If you try to format your ebooks on word or on some free program, they end up buggy and ugly. Vellum is beautiful and they keep adding to it. The best of it with Vellum (and Scrivener — but not Plottr) is that you buy it once and they give you updates forever. None of that awful subscription malarkey.

Even you don’t by the writing programs below, I hope you enjoy the 10 Useful Writing Apps.

Scrivener Icon

Scrivener is what I use to write my novels. It has a bit of a learning curve but, once mastered, is incredibly powerful for creating easy-to-see views of changing points of view, where characters are at certain times, keeping track of objects, the weather — anything.

vellum icon

Vellum is a Mac only app, but it generates the most beautifully designed books. It can output ebooks and paperbacks and the PDF files for hardbacks too. It generates a table of contents, and matter, copyright notice. In fact, Vellum produces perfect books.

Plottr icon

There is some overlap with Scrivener here, but Plottr is more visual. I use the Plottr timeline and notes to create the beats for the story, then write the story in Scrivener. So, I use both and have paid for both because to me they offer distinct advantages.

Bookfox logo

This course by BookFox taught me so much. I heartily recommend it. This is not an affiliate link and I am recommending it because I think it’s great!

These are affiliate links and I gain a small commission should you decide to purchase one of these apps.